SHANGHAI CHINA – Winsun is introducing its new wall pattern design. This new pattern brings the beauty and reliability that all wall designs from Winsun products share to ensure that the products are not just aesthetically appealing but also provides the additional strength needed to resist the impact of the force of climate changes.

This new woven pattern brings a much-needed look and feel to the construction industry to prevent builders from the extra cost of finishing.

The new wall pattern can be left unpainted in its natural cement color or painted to any desired color. No extra cost in rendering is needed.

Concrete 3D printed woven pattern
Woven concrete 3D printed pattern

“We are proud to add yet another pattern to our already comprehensive Winsun line of wall finishes,” said Eric Hoefmans, Chief Operating Officer, Winsun 3D Builders Africa. “The Winsun wall patterns have advantages that our customers expect from share strength to beauty and resilience.”