Global Press Conference in Worlds’ Largest 3D Printed Building

Check out all the highlights of the 2019 3D Printing Global Press Conference held in Shanghai on July 28, 2019, with the title:‘DREAM·REALIZATION – the world’s largest 3D printed architectural applications and future cities’.

WINSUN, the world’s first high-tech enterprise to realize 3D printing architecture, presented in their newly 3D printed R&D center in Shanghai, the latest developments to selective audienc eof governments, partners and friends from all around the world, what the projects and plans are for 2020. The event took place in their first out of seven R&D center buildings, which will be the largest 3D printed structures in the world.

This press conference is a must see for those who are folloing the latest news on 3D construction printing and green building technologies.

Check out the video below to view all highlights from the press conference: ‘DREAM·REALIZATION – the world’s largest 3D printed architectural applications and future cities’.

Amongst others, in this video, also the alliance with 3D Builders Africa (Nigeria) is briefly mentioned. The project helps to solve the current housing deficit in Nigeria and other countries in Africa, by starting 3D printing projects to print affordable homes.

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Winsun 3D Builders Africa Signing Ceremonie

Winsun and 3D Builders Partnership Signing Ceremony

SHANGHAI CHINA – Winsun signed a new joint venture partnership on July 28 2019 with 3D Builders Africa to form Winsun 3D Builders Africa. The two companies together, plan to work together with the government of Nigeria to build affordable homes in the region to help to alleviate the housing deficit issues currently faced by the country.

WinSun, which is also known as Yingchuang Building Techniques (Shanghai), holds about 225 patents relating to 3D materials and manufacture. It attracted attention in 2014 when it printed 10 full-sized houses in Shanghai Qingpu Science Park and is by many experts considered to be the first company that printed a house.

3D Builders Africa, a construction company that leverages advanced technologies to automate the process of construction while reducing the cost focussing on affordable social housing units.

The partnership is part of the many relationships that the two companies have in bilateral project execution and exchange partnerships.

 “Winsun is looking forward to another fruitful relationship with 3D Builders Africa which allows us to learn from one another”, said Mr. Ma, Chairman of Winsun.

Eniola Joseph Faluyi, the President and CEO of 3D Builders Africa, commented: “We truly rely on 3D construction printing to enable us build more affordable housing. There are several people around the world that cannot afford a home because they are low income earners. For me, passion is to see these people own their own homes.”


The goal of the partnership is for the two companies to learn from each other, while also sharing construction expertise and market knowledge.

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