SHANGHAI – Winsun Yingchuang Building Techniques (Shanghai) Co. Ltd is working closely with the Chinese Shanghai Academy of Building Research (SRIBS) on standardization of 3D print materials (Ink) and 3D Print product standards. Professor-level Senior Engineer Ms. Ye Beihong of SRIBS presented the technical results of the research conducted on the additive manufacturing (3D printing) materials (Ink) and other 3D products produced by Winsun (Yingchuang Building Techniques) in Shanghai on July 28, 2019.

Winsun currently holds about 225 patents relating to 3D materials and manufacturing. The company attracted attention in 2014 when it printed 10 full-sized houses in Shanghai Qingpu Science Park and has since then worked on standardizatoin arroding local and international standards.

Standardization Research 3D Printing
Standardization Research 3D Printing

Ms Ye Beihong mentioned that there were already standards created for the ink, as well as for printed wall structures. The results show that the 3D printing material of Winsun can reach the highest strength of C60. In addition to strength we have also studied the bending resistance and anti-freezing properties the insulation system of 3D printed exterior walls. We think that Winsun’s products have the required strength.

League of Standardization of 3D Printing Ink and 3D Printed Products

The stakeholders are following the research closely and provide additional data where needed. Due to the expertise of SRIBS with establishing standards for the industry, and the experience gained by the projects developed over the last years, they are planning to further move forward to work out national and international standards for 3D construction.

Mr Joseph Faluyi, the President and CEO of Winsun 3D Builders Africa, commented: “From the report, it clearly shows that the future of our cities is safer with 3D construction. Setting stardards such as this will create technical enforcement for other player in the 3D construction printing industry to follow and ensure consistency in the quality of the structures”.

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