Our 3D printing architecture is a technology that builds physical structures by the way of gradually increasing building materials using special printing ink, which has met the construction standard and has a practical function, according to predesign architectural drawing procedures. We integrate design, construction, equipment, new material, and application into a new system.

We can print the internal and external walls of buildings and other vertical fencing structures, permanent foundation formwork, precast-monolithic slabs, as well as a variety of structures and small architectural forms, such as columns.

We focus on the construction and decoration of large-scale public buildings, mixed-income housing, corporate campuses, Industrial centers, entertainment centers, redevelopment in emerging urban districts, neighborhood and community revitalization, and Individual Estate. There are more than 400 national landmark buildings that use the products, such us National Grand Theater, National Aquatics Center(Water Cube), Shanghai Expo Centre, Guangzhou Baiyun International Convention Center, Phoenix media Beijing building, the APEC summit Lianxi Hotel, Dubai government office building, 2015 Milan Expo KIP Hotel.

Our method is very simple, we can print remotely and deliver onsite for assembly or print onsite. To print a building or a structure the following is required: construction 3D printer, automated mortar preparation and feeding unit and mobile silos, accessories (ties, inserts, fittings and other accessories), electrical connection or autonomous generator of electricity, water supply, truck crane arm with capacity up to 3 tons to install and move the 3D printer on site.

Today, 75 percent of our business comes from a core group of legacy clients: a testament to our commitment to building strong, long-term working relationships.