Board Of Directors

Mr. Ma Yihe

Mr. Ma Yihe is the Chairman of Winsun globally, he is an inventor and an entrepreneur, and has been engaged in research, invention and the production of new building materials, especially gypsum -based GRG materials and cement-based SRC materials. He formed the Shanghai-based Winsun, a pioneering in 3D construction printing technology and practice. With as few as three employees overseeing the company, commercially viable houses were being built within a week, using materials from construction and industrial waste.

Ma founded Winsun about 17 years ago and his passion has been about increasing quality of construction, reducing cost associated with construction and speeding up construction process. All these he has been able to realize through the innovative technology. WINSUN has 225 inventions and patents in utility and appearance in the fields of new building materials and 3D printing, he won China’s Architectural Applications Innovation Award for several years. He has published “3D PRINTING ARCHITECTURAL TECHNOLOGY AND APPLICATION”, “3D PRINTS A CITY”, “GRG, CHANGING FATE OF THE CHINESE THEATRE”, “WINSUN GRG CLASSICS”, and other works.

Ma has his first degree in material engineering and graduated from University of Phoenix with Masters in Business Administration with focus on technology management. Ma had an EMBA from Fudan University and a Bachelors from Xianyang University in material engineering.


Mr. Eniola Joseph Faluyi

Mr. Eniola Joseph Faluyi is the President and CEO of Winsun 3D Builders Africa, The new company combines the deep housing and infrastructure experience of 3D Builders Nigeria Limited and Technology and material innovation of Winsun International Industries Limited. Together the we are revolutionizing construction in Africa to increase home ownership and lessen the cost of infrastructure projects in general.

Prior to forming Winsun 3D Builders Africa, Joseph was the CEO of JP&C Properties Nigeria Limited, a company that specializes in asset management and Build Operate Transfer projects . The company is known for developing housing solutions that revolutionized how people acquire homes in the country. With JP&C properties’ housing solutions more people are able to afford decent homes.

Joseph is an alumni of Deloitte where he lead the technology infrastructure team and prior to this he worked with Dell technologies where he lead the team that supported the technologies used for Dell manufacturing. Joseph has his first degree in civil engineering and graduated from University of Phoenix with Masters in Business Administration with focus on technology management.

Ms. Ella Wenmin Liu

Ms. Ella Wenmin Liu join the board of directors in 2018. Ella Liu is the Vice President of Yingchuang Building Technique (Shanghai) Co. Ltd since 2014, one of the parent companies of Winsun 3D Builders Africa. She is responsible for the growth of Winsun business internationally. She led the business development in the Middle East, South Africa, Australia and Americas.

Ella has her bachelor’s degree of Xi’an Foreign Language University majored in Japanese Tourism. She also has an international MBA from University of Hong Kong.

Ms. Ladi Katagum

Ms. Ladi Katagum joined the board of directors of Winsun 3D Builder Africa in 2018. She served as the Director of Investment with the Nigeria Investment Promotion Commission (NIPC), a Nigerian government Agency setup to encourage, promote and co-ordinate local and foreign investments in Nigeria. Ms. Ladi Katagum also served as the acting Executive Secretary where she successfully led and supervised the operations of the Agency to meet its goals and objectives.

Prior to NIPC, Ladi worked at the Federal Mortgage Bank and was the Head of the National Housing Fund (NHF). She has a positive, proactive and results-driven investment specialist with over two decade’s managerial experience in the public sector; working with leading corporate institutions, cutting across several facets of the economy and solid track record of outstanding and exceptional performance. .

She is a graduate of Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria.

Mr. Archibong Nkposong

Mr. Archibong Nkposong became a director on the board in 2018. He is a Partner with Etteh Aro & Partners, a consulting civil engineering firm in Nigeria, since 1989. He led the design of landmark building in Lagos, 21-Storey UBA Headquarters in Marina Lagos, 12-Storey CBN Headquarters in Abuja, 13-Storey Mike Adenuga Towers in Lagos, and many road and bridge projects across Nigeria, among which are dualization of 456Km Kano – Maiduguri Road, interchange Structures and River Bridges, 1970m long Bridge over River Benue linking Loko (Nasarawa State) and Oweto (Benue State).

Prior to becoming a Partner with Etteh Aro & Partners, Archibong was a consulting engineer with the company for 10 years.

Archibong has a Bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering from Ahmadu Bello University in Zaria and Masters in Bridge Engineering from the University of Surrey, Guildford in the UK.

Mr. Jun Ma

Mr. Jun Ma became a board member in 2019. Jun is the CEO of Winsun Hubei Factory since 2009. He was instrumental in many Winsun major projects such as Beijing Phoenix International Media Center, National Theatre, Chinese Peking Opera Theatre, Beijing Strawberry Building, Shanghai Oriental Art Center, and Guangzhou Baiyun Conference Center.

Jun is proficient in the strategic planning of the overall development of modern enterprises, the design of enterprise organizational structure, work coordination and progress control. He is Familiar with relevant national laws and regulations in Europe and the United States and other international related production standards, product standards, and inspection standards.