SUZHOU, September 2020 – Recently, a new solution has emerged by Winsun Building Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd, in the form of a 70 meters long sound barrier along the expressway Suzhou Express Way. This is the world’s first fully 3D printed sound barrier demonstration project that was officially completed on the S58 Shanghai-Changzhou Expressway.

Each component of the sound barrier has a length of 4 meters, and a height of 2.25 M. The 2 stories together make up a total height of 4.5 m with a gross weight of 5 metric tons.

It is estimated that the 3D printed sound barrier can effectively reduce noise by about 30 dB, and the noise reduction effect is more obvious than the sound barrier using traditional technology. Winsun uses 3D printed construction technology and vertically integrates digital modeling and sampling, 3D printing Construction, hoisting and assembly.

Sound barriers are commonly made of materials such as laminated glass, acrylic transparent board, and cement sawdust board, and they have in general the ability to achieve 5-8 decibels noise reduction. Winsun 3D printed sound barriers, however, was able to achieve a total of 30 decibels of noise reduction. This can effectively reduce noise around the highway and improve the living conditions of residents on both sides of the road.


Additionally, the Winsun design team designed a plant pot for the sound barrier, which can cultivate noise-reducing plants such as flowers and climbing plants to form a noise-reducing vertical green wall, which has become a unique landscape feature of the high-speed city.

This is the Second Generation Sound Barrier installed in Suzhou, and it was designed by Feng Tao.